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One of the most beloved and special flavors of Turkish cuisine, stuffed leaves are a tradition passed down from generation to generation. The delicate texture of the vine leaves and the perfect harmony of the filling make this dish an indispensable part of the table. You can cook stuffed leaves with olive oil or meat, and in different regions, you can find them in different styles. 

In this article, we will share with you the story of the special flavor of cherry leaf roll, which combines the sourness and sweetness of sour cherries with stuffed leaves. 

History of the Vine Leaf 

Vine leaves are not only a delicious wrapping ingredient, but also a food with a long history. The use of vine leaves is as old as human history and has been used in different ways in different cultures. 

The use of vine leaves was first seen in Ancient Greece and Rome. While the Greeks used vine leaves for stuffing, the Romans prepared salads and wraps from vine leaves. Vine leaves were also used for medicinal purposes in ancient times. Vine leaves are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. 

The use of vine leaves continued in the Middle Ages. Especially in Arabic cuisine, vine leaves had an important place. Vine leaves also became widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages. Vine leaf wraps became a popular flavor in Europe as well. 

Vine leaves are still used in many different cultures today. Vine leaf wrap is one of the most important flavors of Turkish cuisine. 

Vine leaves are also used in salads, olive oil dishes and pickles. 

Sour Cherry Stuffed Leaves: What is the Secret of Flavor? 

Sour cherry leaf rolls are a type of roll that includes sour cherries in addition to the classic leaf roll recipe. The sourness and sweetness of sour cherries give the wrap a completely different dimension. The combination of both sweet and sour flavors leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate. 

How to Make Sour Cherry Stuffed Leaves? 

To make Stuffed Vine-Leaves, first prepare the filling. After preparing the stuffing with rice, onion, spices, and sour cherries, wrap them in vine leaves. The wrapped leaves are placed in a pot and cooked with water. Cherry stuffed leaves are preferably served with lemon. 

One of the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine, stuffed leaves with sour cherries is an ideal choice for those who like both sweet and sour flavors. When the delicate texture of the vine leaves and the flavor of the cherry come together, an unforgettable taste emerges. You can choose Galeyan Restaurant, which serves Anatolian dishes, to try this special flavor. Our menu includes many different Anatolian dishes, including Stuffed Vine-Leaves. We are waiting for you at Galeyan Restaurant to taste our delicious dishes prepared with our skillful hands. You can make your reservation at

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