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Semsek is a delicious and filling food of the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Made from unleavened dough and filled with different fillings, semsek can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. 

History of Semsek 

Semsek is a food with a long history. Although its exact origin is unknown, it is thought to have passed into Turkish cuisine from Central Asia. 

The word “semsek” first appears in Uyghur texts written in the 13th century. In these texts, semsek, called “samsa”, is defined as a pastry stuffed with meat and onions. 

Semsek has an important place in Turkish cuisine. Especially in many regions of Anatolia, it is known by different names and prepared with different fillings. It is thought to have passed from Central Asia to Turkish cuisine and is known by different names in many regions of Anatolia. Semsek also had an important place in Ottoman cuisine and was cooked in the palace kitchen under the name “samsa”. 

How to Make Semsek? 

Making semsek is quite easy. Prepare unleavened dough and shape it into triangles or half-moon shapes. The prepared filling is placed inside the dough and the semseks are fried in hot oil or baked in the oven. 

Interesting Facts About Semsek: 

– Semsek was one of the foods given to warriors in Central Asia. 

– Semsek was a special food cooked in the palace kitchen during the Ottoman period. 

– Semsek is served at traditional weddings and circumcision ceremonies in many regions. 

Where to Eat Semsek? 

Semsek is a food that adds color to our tables with its taste and satiety. Semsek, which is easy to make and can be enriched with different fillings, has a taste that can appeal to every palate. 

Don’t forget to reserve your place at Galeyan Restaurant to experience this delicious dish. You can visit for reservations. 

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