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Semsek A Delicious and Hearty Dish of Southeastern Anatolia 

Semsek is a delicious and filling food of the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Made from unleavened dough and filled with different fillings, semsek can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or as a snack.  History of Semsek  Semsek is a food with a long history. Although its exact origin is unknown, it is thought to have passed […]

Bulghur Balls with Dried Cacık: The Recipe Where Flavor and Coolness Meet 

Bulghur balls with dried cacık is a delicious meatball made with bulgur and minced meat or just bulgur and served with yogurt and a tomato paste sauce. Bulghur balls with dried cacık, which can be served both cold and hot, is a refreshing option, especially in summer.  History of Bulghur Balls with Dried Cacık Although the […]

Alemdar, Ticarethane Sk. No:13/b, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul

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Alemdar, Ticarethane Sk. No:13/b, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul